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Nutrition Guide

The Georgia Smoke Diver Nutrition Guide is a pre-course study assignment for all Smoke Diver candidates.  Each candidate is required to complete the formulas in the guide to determine and plan for their nutritional needs during class.

Georgia Smoke Diver training is very different from your typical firefighter training.  The intense drills are completed after a grueling physical training regimen.  This requires you to maintain your critical decision making skills, motor skills and your situational awareness while under extreme physical and mental stress.  The physical training held each day is not designed to get you in shape; you should already be highly physically fit.  It is designed to wear you down so that simple tasks become increasingly difficult to accomplish.  Most drills could be accomplished very easily by any firefighter if performed independently, but Smoke Diver training is designed to simulate the worst case scenario and teach you how to maintain your edge and your ability to perform under these conditions.

Over the years the attrition rate of the course has ranged from 30% to 75%. Most of those who drop out on request did not adequately prepare for the class either physically or mentally.  Others experience medical problems mostly related to nutritional deficiencies. There is very limited information on firefighter nutritional needs; for that reason we have researched the nutritional requirements of athletes and some of the most rigorous military training programs for information.  It is our intent to educate you on the important role that nutrition plays in your ability to perform during the demanding Georgia Smoke Diver course.  We also hope to provide you with guidance that will assist you not only in completing this training, but give you the ability to perform during long operational periods, deployment to disaster areas and to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Download the Georgia Smoke Diver Nutrition Guide


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