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As of February 1, 2015 you must be an Active Member or Lifetime Member (Active) to work at any Smoke Diver event. If you are signing up for a class your registration is not complete until your dues are paid.

Click here to check whether you have already paid dues for 2017

The following options are available for membership in the Georgia Smoke Diver Association:

Lifetime Member (Active) - $500

* One-time fee covers dues and insurance forever.

* Includes GSD challenge coin (after January 1, 2015).

* Members who have previously paid lifetime dues at a lower rate will always be grandfathered.

* Clearly the best value. If you plan to be around at least 10 years, this is the way to go. We have already been back 10 years...


Lifetime Member (Retired or Associate) - $250

* Membership for retired Smoke Divers or those who are inactive (not teaching).


Active Member - $50 per year

* Membership for Smoke Divers who are active in the program.

* Covers dues and insurance for the calendar year.

* The membership is required for those who are working at any Smoke Diver event.


Associate Member - $25 per year

* Membership for Smoke Divers who are unable to work at the program but wish to support it.

* This membership includes program updates and invitations to social events.