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Qualification Test

The Georgia Smoke Diver Qualification Test is an indoctrination and screening tool for acceptance into the Smoke Diver course.  Candidates are tested on their Firefighter I cognitive knowledge as well as their physical abilities.  The FF I test consist of 50 multiple choice questions, in which the candidate must have a minimum score of 80% to continue.  The physical ability portion includes 6 events which are timed and scored.  The events include: 10 palms-away pull ups, 25 pike pole pulls, 5-story stair ascent and descent with hose-pack, equipment hoist, rescue drag and a 1.5 mile run.

Suggested Pre-Qualification Test Workout

Georgia Smoke Diver Qualification Test Package

Those individuals with the highest combined scores are accepted to the program.  Those failing to meet the minimum points or time requirement for any single evolution are disqualified from the process and must reapply for a future Georgia Smoke Diver Qualification Test.

Suggested Post-Qualification Test Workout

Upon acceptance to the program you will be emailed a full application packet which includes:

Certificate of Physical Examination

Certificate of Proof of Workers Compensation

Instructions for payments (if applicable)


Pictures of a Typical Qualification Test Day

Candidates waiting in line to check in for the Qualification Test.

qual test line


Taking the written test.

qual test written


The dreaded pull-ups / rope climb.

qual test pullups


The pike pole pull simulates pulling down a ceiling to check for fire.

qual test pikepole


Candidate coming down the stair climb.

qual test stairclimb


The equipment hoist challenges your upper body and grip strength.

qual test equiphoist


Rescue drag must be done in less than 40 seconds.

qual test drag


Candidates starting the 1.5 mile run.

qual test run


The instructors carefully score every evolution.

qual test scoring


These candidates have completed the Qualification Test.  Now they wait to see if they scored high enough to make the class.

qual test checkout


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